‘Britain’s Got Talent’: Joseph Hall, James More, Alice Fredenham wild-card favorites

Britain's Got TalentIt has already been confirmed that the wild card act has been chosen for the upcoming “Britain’s Got Talent” finale. But who is it? That is something that producers are keeping an extremely tight lid on for the time being. While they have dozens of people to choose from, the reality here is that there are only a handful of people that are probably worthy of coming back for more.

With this in mind, we’ve done our best to personally rank the top five contenders based on a number of factors, from overall quality to fan following to even whether or not the act brings something different to the show that we have not already seen.

5. Aliki – A great opera singer with a powerful voice. Aliki’s major issue is that producers already have a ton of singers, and an opera duo in Richard & Adam. They really do not need another.

4. Rosie O’Sullivan – Rosie is a little more distinct vocally, but we do not really see her as someone with the personality needed in order to be a star.

3. Alice Fredenham – Easily, the contest’s best singer that is not in the finale. She has a great voice, a distinct look and story, and it was honestly a surprise to see her not make it as a result of a mistake in her performance.

2. Joseph Hall – Had he not been up against the dreaded foes that are kid dancers (in Pre Skool), he would be there already. There is no doubt that Joseph is a born dancer and entertainer, but is there anything else that we can see that we haven’t already in some variety?

1. James More – If you remember that this is a variety show first and foremost, then you know that producers want variety. They also want someone who is very good. James fits that criteria well, and while he probably would not win, he has a better chance than most given that the singers / dancers could cancel each other out. He also probably has another great trick in his arsenal that he can pull out quickly.

Who are you rooting for on “Britain’s Got Talent” to take this spot? Be sure to vote in our poll below, and you can also click here if you want to see the acts that are already in Saturday’s final.

Photo: ITV


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