‘Mad Men’ season 6, episode 11 preview: January Jones returns in ‘Favors’

Mad Men season 6In the latest edition of “‘Mad Men’ promos that show nothing,” we have a look at an upcoming installment in “Favors” that is going to be almost as useless as a a PlayStation with no controller.

The only good news that we have to share right now? That at least this promo bothers to show off a few things. For one, January Jones will be back as Betty after a week away, which could be interesting given what happened between her and Don the last time they were onscreen. (Then again, there is no guarantee that she and Don spend any time together this week at all.) We also have Ted spending more time with Peggy in some sort of private setting, Megan and Pete having shocking reactions to specific arrivals, and Don (once again) doing a rather excellent job at continuing to puzzle us every step of the way.

What is important to remember here is that there are only three episodes left, which means that if there are some big events coming up, they better arrive on the scene soon. This includes learning whether or not Pete is really going to collapse to the point of losing his job, if Joan is going to finally settle into a role, if Bob Benson will keep close to her, and even if there will ever be a fire lit between Peggy and Ted where there is already smoke. This is a very subtle show, but even more that, we do need another big moment or two for this season to really be worthwhile. While we have seen Peggy stab her boyfriend and Betty sleep with Don, what else has really happened?

What’s your take on this “Mad Men” clip? If you want to read our full review from Sunday night’s episode, all you have to do is click here.

Photo: AMC

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