Doctor Who season 14 episode 6 promo goes full Bridgerton

Doctor Who season 14
Photo: BBC One

Just in case anyone was wondering, Doctor Who absolutely knows they are leaning into Bridgerton next week. Heck, the Netflix show is directly referenced in the promo for “Rogue”!

Of course, this direct reference does not mean that The Doctor and Ruby Sunday are going to be attending your ordinary Regency-era ball. This is an episode that is going to feature a unique threat, one that could destroy whatever romance and decadence that is happening around some of these characters.

To be specific here, it looks as thought a shape-shifting alien creature is going to crash one of the parties — but what can The Doctor and Ruby do about it? They will be joined by Jonathan Groff for the episode, and we wouldn’t be shocked at all if “Rogue” leans full into camp for the funniest episode that we’ve had since the second one this season.

After all, take a look at the last three episodes. “Boom” offered a chilling take on war and survive, “73 Yards” was a bit of folk horror, and “Dot and Bubble” this weekend chose to go full Black Mirror with an important touch of social commentary at the same time. One of the things that Doctor Who tends to do better than almost any other show out there and bring you a wide array of different genres, and it is hard to imagine that they are going to be veering far from that at all in the near future. Why would they, given that they tend to generate a lot of conversation this way?

It would be nice if this episode does lean a little bit more into the mystery around the ever-mysterious The One Who Waits, mostly because that has been the central adversary underneath the surface for a while. If not here, why not breach it at the end of episode 7? That enables the finale to not feel as rushed.

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What do you most want to see entering Doctor Who season 14 episode 6 when it arrives?

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