Station 19 season 8: Is there still reason for hope?

Station 19 season 7
Photo: ABC

Even though tonight marks the Station 19 series finale over at ABC, doesn’t it feel like there is still a season 8 conversation to be had?

Based on all evidence that is out there publicly, it certainly feels that way. Take, for starters, the fact that none of the cast wanted the series to conclude. The same goes the producers. Many of them were taken aback by the announcement last fall, largely due to the show maintaining successful ratings and beyond just that, the lack of trouble signs that were present behind the scenes.

The general consensus is believed to be that the firefighter drama is ending due to cost concerns; in other words, the big reason why the majority of shows conclude. Given that there does still remain an active audience, however, it does feel like an opportunity could exist and resurface down the road. It would mostly just take a way to make things work financially, plus also an interested party willing to go through the effort.

Based on its status within the Disney family already, Hulu remains the most viable contender for more Station 19. The series already streams there, and executives have even noted not that long ago that they would not rule out acquired shows that were canceled / concluded elsewhere. A good example of that already over there if Futurama. If you could ensure that even two-thirds of the Station 19 fandom were to subscribe to Hulu just to watch new episodes, it feels like a revival would be a sure thing. That is just an impossible thing to guarantee and in general, networks and streaming services are risk-averse.

So while it may seem like a season 8 is unlikely at present, this does not feel like a show you send off entirely into the sunset. Instead, keep it visible on the horizon and hope that at some point, an interested party comes through and sees the light.

If you are still hosting to see a Station 19 season 8 at some point in the future…

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