Survivor 46 finale: Did Kenzie, Ben, or Charlie win?

Survivor 46
Photo: CBS

You can say what you want about Survivor 46, but it was entertaining — and the same goes for Wednesday night’s big finale.

Were there some serious hot-mess moments throughout the two hours leading up to the final vote? Sure. Think along the lines here of Liz deliberately helping Kenzie to beat Maria at the final five immunity challenge — which was both incredibly lame and a unique TV moment at the same time. Or, Liz proclaiming that she would have won after losing to Kenzie in the final four fire-making challenge — the look on Venus’ face when she said that spoke volumes.

(Like Liz or hate Liz, but her and Q really made this season from a ridiculous-drama standpoint.)

The moment that we got the final three of Kenzie, Ben, and Charlie, it admittedly felt like it was Kenzie’s game to lose. Survivor is often about stories, and she had the best one without a doubt. She started on a miserable Yanu tribe, where Bhanu nearly destroyed her game when he went on a journey. She didn’t have flint for a huge stretch of time, and also was rarely ever in a spot where she had a ton of numbers. She was an underdog and fought through without having a lot of idols along the way — and she was an exceptional social player.

Meanwhile, Charlie’s biggest issue is that he and Maria were seen as sharing a game at times, and that could hurt him. As for Ben … he rocks? He seems like a good due, but he was the ultimate zero-vote finalist coming into this.

The final Tribal Council

Honestly, all three of the finalists did a decent job of explaining themselves. Sure, Ben still didn’t have much of a chance, but he leaned on his strengths — as did Charlie and Kenzie. It was clear that the final vote was between these two.

So, where did things end up going? Well, Kenzie narrowed edged him out! She got 5 votes to his 3, and that was enough for her to claim the title.

What did you think about the events of the Survivor 46 finale?

Who were you rooting for to win? Be sure to share right now in the comments! Once you do just that, remember to keep coming back for more.

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