‘Game of Thrones’ season 3 reaction: Richard Madden on change to Robb Stark, Talisa

RobbHave you managed to get over Sunday night’s “Game of Thrones” episode yet? If we are going to be honest, this is one that will likely require quite a bit of time for recovery, and quite possibly a healthy dose of therapy. While Ned Stark’s execution during season 1 was brutal, and the Battle of Blackwater was intense, the Red Wedding will surely go down as the most horrendous event in the HBO series’ history thus far. It was bloody, gruesome, disturbing, and above all a testament to the show and George R.R. Martin for continuing to push the envelope when it comes to what a fantasy series can really be.

As shocking as this episode was to watch, there were still some significant changes made between this and what happened in the books, in particular the fact that while Robb Stark dies, in the books his wife Talisa lives. So what was the point in killing her off here? Speaking to Rolling Stone in what still feels like an emotional Q&A session, Richard Madden had the following to say on the matter:

“I think it was important for her to die because it’s a full stop to that train, the story of that army. I think if there was anything left . . . I think it’s more tragic that there’s nothing left over from it. There’s no possibility that Talisa’s in hiding, and she’s going to have a baby, and one day that baby will take over as King in the North. I think there’s something tragic about it all being cut short instantly.”

Madden admits that he still has no idea where this episode will lie when it comes to TV history, (and we don’t either, but what we can say for now is that “The Rains of Castamere” alone makes “Game of Thrones” a favorite at the Prime-time Emmy Awards, as there has been nothing so powerful and well-produced on the screen within the past 12 months.

If you want to read more on the Red Wedding, and how this is an episode you won’t be forgetting anytime soon, all you have to do is click here.

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