Interview with the Vampire season 2 episode 3: Trust issues

Interview with the Vampire season 2
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Interview with the Vampire is a rare show in that somehow, the narration in the present is almost a story in its own right.

Do we think that Louis is a reliable narrator for his story? Absolutely, but there is a certain framing of what we’re getting. After all, he is being prompted by journalist Daniel Molloy, and is working to answer his questions in a way that makes sense to him. This already creates a certain bubble around the story and then beyond that, you have another variable here in Armand. He is not necessarily someone as eager to give up information, and could influence Louis as to what sort of stories he wants to tell.

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So what does Eric Bogosian (who plays Daniel) have to say about the dynamic between these characters? Speaking to The Wrap, he offered up his reasoning for the trust issues that exist between his character and Armand in the present:

Well, I mean, I can’t speak for Armand’s character, but Armand wants to have everything. He wants to know what’s going on at all times, and Daniel is a bit of a wildcard because you don’t know what Daniel knows. I mean, Daniel might upset the apple cart. He’s got a fine little thing going with Louis, and let’s just leave it as it is. And then, here comes this guy asking all these questions.

… What’s kind of funny, since you brought up the question, is of course, we’re three people who come from very, very, very different backgrounds. I am a New Yorker, I’m an American guy that’s been around in the 20th century. He’s from like, a million years ago. Well, not a million, but about 500-600 years. And Louis is from about 200 years ago, or so, you know, we have different backgrounds. And in that regard, if you don’t really know somebody, they can be a threat.

This is something that we do think could be more and more chaotic as time goes on, at least unless there is some sort of peace that is found between these characters — and that will prove difficult to find based on what we’ve seen.

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