Survivor 46 finale: The likely returning players!

Survivor 46
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With the Survivor 46 finale airing in just a matter of days, why not have a discussion here about possible returning players? This is something we do near the end of every season, and a part of what makes this particular season so fun is that there are a ton of options. Some seasons, you are lucky to get just 2-3 possibilities. Here, there are probably 5-6 that could be strongly considered and then a few others who are on the fringe.

Beyond all of that, we also have one person who has to be considered the biggest lock of the past two seasons.

Q Burdette – Despite at one point trying to fall on his own sword, he is easily the show’s biggest character and someone who was more than fine being over-the-top and creating chaos at just about every turn. His return in season 50, so long as he remains interested, feels like a lock.

Now, let’s get to everyone else…

Strong contenders

Kenzie Petty – Regardless of if she wins or not, she’s got a great personality and is both a strong social player and good narrator. The “mermaid dragon” feels like an easy choice.

Venus Vafa – Producers will always want back someone who creates conflict. Venus did that this season, sometimes without even doing much to cause it! She feels like someone with a really high ceiling as a player, and could do really well in another season.

Decent possibilities

Maria Shrime Gonzalez – She’s had some villain vibes the past week or two. She might end up being forgotten, but a win would seriously help her case.

Tevin Davis – Another fantastic narrator. He made it just far enough to where he could be considered a possibility to come back.

Hunter McKnight – May be bit a bit bland for some? Absolutely, but Hunter perfectly fits an archetype that a lot of fans love and he showed a decent amount of aptitude for the game … just not for playing idols. (Then again, a lot of people failed at that.)

Theme-dependent players

Soda Thompson – She was probably under-edited for what she was actually like out there, but there has to be a reason why people were so threatened by her social game.

Bhanu Gopal – Laugh all you want, but he dominated the first four episodes of the show. If there is ever a pre-merge season, the man is a lock to end all locks.

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Who from Survivor 46 do you think is going to come back for another season?

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