CSI: Vegas season 4: Why isn’t it happening at CBS?

CSI: Vegas season 3
Photo: CBS

Tonight marks the CSI: Vegas season 3 finale — and unfortunately, also the series finale, as well.

Why is the show, a revival of the landmark original, coming to an end already? It certainly has nothing to do with what the cast and crew want, and there was clearly a lot of juice still left in the tank here. Unfortunately, CBS canceled the show earlier this spring, with the ratings being the unfortunate reason why.

The situation with CSI: Vegas is not all that different from So Help Me Todd and NCIS: Hawaii, which were each also canceled over the past few weeks. All of these shows would have easily been renewed had they drawn the same ratings on another network, but the bar is high at CBS at the moment. Also, there are a lot of cost-cutting measures currently shaping the industry. The network is actually just moving into the fall with only two consistent Sunday-night scripted shows, a decision that may be partially about money and also about trying to keep a show from being buried in the middle of the night during the NFL season. (Remember, the lineup in the fall on Sundays is often delayed.)

So does the end of CSI: Vegas mean the end of the franchise? Not necessarily, as there are still other projects that may come to fruition. Moving forward, though, we tend to think that producers may need to change how they develop them, and the brand itself plus nostalgia may no longer be enough. If there is another spin-off that gets greenlit, more than likely it will need to be either catered to a younger audience or fronted by a big-name star. There are so may other crime procedurals out there that is increasingly hard to garner attention.

We’re going to miss this particular show but in the end, it was nice to see the likes of Grissom, Sara, and Catherine Willows again, among ohters.

Are you sad that there is no CSI: Vegas season 4 coming to CBS down the road?

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this article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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