Fallout video: Ella Purnell, cast on Pip-Boys, Sugar Bombs

Fallout season 1
Photo: Prime Video

As so many of you are more than likely aware at this point, we will be waiting for a rather long time in order to see Fallout season 2 arrive. Will it be worth the wait? We are pretty darn confident about it! However, that doesn’t mean it will come quickly. You are going to be stuck waiting a long time to see things go from point A to point be here when it comes to filming and post-production; at this point, all we can say is that the team is in the planning stages.

So while we do endure the rest of this hiatus, let’s just rejoice whatever behind-the-scenes content we can, shall we?

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In a new video released by Prime Video (watch here), you can see Ella Purnell, Walton Goggins, and more explore the world of props created by the talented crew for the show. A lot of them are familiar to people who have played the video games, whether it be Cram, Sugar Bombs, or of course the famous Pip-Boy, which Purnell sarcastically talks about through the lens of how comfortable / uncomfortable it was much of the time. After all, this was a huge device that was strapped to her arm, and we have to think that this was pretty darn difficult to deal with in the more action-heavy sequences.

Moving into next season, we certainly think more famous props and Easter eggs are coming. After all, what the first season did was offer up a really nice proof-of-concept for everyone involved here. They know that their particular brand of adapting the story works! Because of that, they may feel an added license to have fun and perhaps be even more creative, which is certainly saying something given that a lot of season 1 proved to be quite the awesome thrill ride.

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