‘Orphan Black’ season 1 finale review: Sarah and Helena face off in ultimate fight

Orphan BlackThings have been heating up for Sarah, Alison and Cosima on the first season of “Orphan Black” all leading to Saturday night’s big finale. Did Sarah get arrested? Was Helena able to kill another clone? What about Cosima coughing up blood, is she going to face the same fate as the German clone? And will our lovely Alison get her suburban life back the way she wants it complete with husband, kids and hot glue guns?  Let’s take a deeper look into the finale episode.

Sarah: while at Mrs. S house, she was arrested by Art where he exposed her whole lie about impersonating Beth Childs and interrogated her about the German clone. Just as she was going to confide in Art, a mysterious “lawyer” shows up and brings her to Rachel Duncan, who again looks exactly like Sarah and wants to come to some sort of agreement. They offer Sarah protect for her and Kira if she helps them get to Helena.

Alison: She was given an offer by Dr. Leeke that allows her to have her privacy back if she agreed to testing twice a year. He tells her that he’s even going to remove her monitor early as a sign of good faith and when she sees Aynsley’s house for sale she decides to go and confront her one last time. Aynsley still won’t admit to being her monitor and ends up getting her scarf caught in a garbage disposal. Alison can save her but decides to let her die, which was a bit of a strange move for Alison since Aynsley wasn’t going to be part of her life anymore anyways. Alison ends up signing her contract and in the end doesn’t realize that her husband has been and continues to be her monitor after all.

Cosima: She has started coughing up blood like the German and is worried about her health. Cosima was given a contract by Dr. Leeke offering her a job working with them to study herself and her clones. Delphine shows up back on the scene trying to get Cosima to trust her and instead of running for the hills like she should, Cosima confides in her once again.

Helena: She escapes Sarah after meeting her birth mother and disguises herself to look like Sarah. Helena meets up later with her birth mother in private and just as she tells Helena that Mrs. S. isn’t who she says she is, Helena stabs her birth mother. Helena tells Sarah to meet her and their birth mother and when she arrives to find her bleeding on the floor, she gives Sarah a picture of Mrs. S. from 30 years prior standing in a lab with another doctor and warns her not to trust her. After a confrontation, Sarah ends up killing Helena, hopefully protecting the remaining clones from further harm (at least from her.)

After the battle with Helena, Sarah decides to call Rachel and make a deal with her so that Kira will be protected. With Delphine’s help Cosima realizes that the clones are all tagged and patented as intellectual property so signing these contracts means that the clones will have no freedom, so she calls Sarah to stop her from making a deal because they could legally claim Kira. When Sarah returns to the house (after telling Rachel to stick her contract where the sun don’t shine), Mrs. S and Kira are gone and the place has been ransacked.

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Photo: BBC America

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