Pretty Little Liars: Summer School episode 3 air date, road ahead

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School
Photo: Max

Following what you saw in the first two episodes today on Max, what more can be said about Pretty Little Liars: Summer School episode 3?

With a show like this, there is obviously going to be temptation to watch more of it as soon as humanly possible. However, the folks at the streaming service want this to be a weekly event — they want you to share theories and discuss it, which honestly feels right. For those of you who watched the original PLL when it aired back on what was then ABC Family, you likely remember it trending on social media every single week and there being a tremendous amount of value that goes along with that.

Episode 3 for Pretty Little Liars: Summer School is going to be coming your way next week, and of course there’s a lot to be excited about within that. Think in terms of opportunities to learn more about all of the shocking deaths that happened in the premiere.

Of course, that is without even getting into the idea of Summer School itself. This allows the new generation of Liars to stand out in terms of the storytelling — they have to spend part of every weekday, at least for a little while, stuck inside a classroom. They get to watch some of their other classmates have fun while they are stuck with the responsibility. This is something that is going to be a real struggle for them, and we imagine that it will build up over time.

Of course, that is without even noting all of the danger and suspense that is going to take place here. Given that the show in an homage at times to slasher films, you gotta think that there are some serious horror-movie elements that will be thrown in here. Also, more people will almost certainly die…

What do you most want to see moving into Pretty Little Liars: Summer School episode 3?

Meanwhile, what did you think about the premiere? Share right now in the comments! Once you do just that, remember to keep coming back — there are a lot of other updates ahead.

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