‘Britain’s Got Talent’ rankings: Francine Lewis, James More, Asanda Jezile lead night 4

Britain's Got TalentSomeone seriously needs to give the “Britain’s Got Talent” producers the stink eye for some of their scheduling decisions. Some of the acts on Thursday’s show were downright awful, and there were only three or four genuinely worth considering. On the flip side, we don’t see there being any bona fide “joke” acts at all in the lineup for the show on Friday. Some are genuinely a little bit better than others, but none of them are to be frank absolutely terrible, but some definitely have more of a shot than others.

We’re going to take performance quality mostly into account here, but you also must remember how important screen time and edit have been. Take, for example, Freelusion … a group that we loved, but a group that never had enough airtime to make a good impression people watching at home.

9. Club Town Freaks – It’s probably the closest thing here to a pure camp act, but there is some talent here just in the costumes themselves. We just hope that they get through the performance and make some lasting memories … especially considering that this is all they will be getting.

8. Poppin’ Ron – Compared to what we had on Thursday with the stellar Joseph Hall, Ron’s antics are really going to feel more like child’s play. There’s just really not much here at all that gives the man a chance at advancing, though we think that he would have done rather well in another, less competitive round.

7. Chasing the Dream – We could be wrong, and this bit of musical theater could be a good act. But we didn’t see much of it in the auditions, and it really just doesn’t feel like a musical theater group has much of a place in a competition that only gives performers 2-3 minutes to shine. Don’t you need like 90 minutes to get the full feelings?

6. The Shockarellas – These hip-hop ladies aren’t bad; they are just saddled up against a ton of really good dance crews this season, and they don’t have that young-kid factor going for them that benefited Pre Skool so mightily in the competition so far this year.

5. Alex Keirl – You can never fully doubt a singer’s ability to move on, but the adult vocalists have actually been struggling this year to win voters’ favor. In this category, and with there being some strong non-singing acts, we predict that Alex will have some trouble.

4. AJ & Chloe – This one was ordained from the moment they auditioned: They are good enough ballroom dancers to get good reviews from the judges, but there’s a very slim chance they advance further. There’s just only so much that you can do with this, at least within the context of this show.

3. Asanda Jezile – She’s a little kid who sings. If you follow the voting patterns of this season, that probably means that she has a very good shot at going through. The only thing holding her back? That sooner or later, you have to think that even viewers would like to see a little bit of variety in here somewhere when it comes to the performances.

2. James More – Maybe this is a natural bias that we have towards magicians, but we just love what James does and found his tricks in the first round to be fantastic. We just hope that he is legitimately good, since this show desperately needs a good magic act to come around to prove that there is something worthwhile outside of the expected in this competition.

1. Francine Lewis – She was the hyped act earlier this season, and she has certainly gotten plenty of press. As an impressionist, she’s brilliant … but will Britain vote for her? The biggest roadblock she has is simply that she may not be endearing enough, since voters do very much love their sad stories.

Who is your favorite among this group? We want to hear from you in the poll below! Also, be sure to visit the link here if you want to read our full review for Thursday’s show.

Photo: ITV


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