Beacon 23 season 2 episode 6 spoilers: Aster’s past?

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As we dive into Beacon 23 season 2 episode 6 on MGM+ this coming weekend, just how weird are things going to be? This feels like a fitting question you could ask for any episode of the show at this point. Just think about what we saw at the end of episode 5, especially with that ending that put both Halan and Iris in jeopardy.

So are we going to get answers to this right away? Well, perhaps not. Remember that back in season 1, the show did a thing where rather than answer big questions about the present right away, they dived back into the past. There is a chance that they will be doing this again with “Luan Casca,” which could have the focus in part on Aster.

Below, you can see the Beacon 23 season 2 episode 6 synopsis below with more insight on what’s to come:

Beacon Keeper Jocko welcomes a new trainee, a teenage Aster; Aster senses Jocko is hiding something.

We knew from last season that Aster had a history with Beacons that dated back before her first meeting with Halan, so what could this story explore further? How could it connect to the present? If we are going to be spending an episode of this fairly-short season focusing on this, it makes sense to be wondering about all of this. It also presumably means that there’s going to be way less time to get answers on other things that are going on in the present.

Now, we should go ahead and note that there is technically still a chance that Beacon 23 comes back for another season and by virtue of that, not everything could be resolved. We just hope that there’s an opportunity for at least most things to be tied up — that way, we don’t feel super-frustrated with whatever MGM+ decides at some point down the road.

What do you most want to see moving into Beacon 23 season 2 episode 6 at MGM+?

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