Bob Hearts Abishola season 6: Why isn’t it happening at CBS?

Bob Hearts Abishola season 5
Photo: CBS

Given the series finale tonight on CBS, it makes sense to wonder the following: Why didn’t we get a Bob Hearts Abishola season 6? This is a show that has a really dedicated audience, a lot of humor, and it also gives you a love story that you rarely see in this sort of genre. While it has some of the DNA of classic sitcoms, it also brought something new to the table.

So why end it here? Well, this obviously is not something that the cast or crew wanted. The decision to end the series came down to the network, and there were even some concessions that had to be made to get it back for a season 5 at all. If Bob Hearts Abishola was on another network and drew the same ratings, it easily would have lasted another couple of years. Who would’ve had an issue with that?

Unfortunately, the truth here is that CBS has a really high threshold for a lot of their shoes, especially ones that come from outside studios as this one does. The only thing that we consider to be a silver lining here is that the show did get a chance to craft a perfect ending — that is not something that another Monday show in NCIS: Hawaii is getting a chance to do at all.

Because the finale for the show is going to feature a time jump, we do think that there really isn’t that much room for another story to be told until you pick it up after the fact with something a little bit more.

Could we see a character or somewhere else?

We do wonder about the chance of that, mostly due to the fact that Chuck Lorre does have so many shows out there, and there is something rather funny about there being some sort of shared universe. (Technically, that’s not really a thing, but it is fun to think about.)

Are you still sad that there is no Bob Hearts Abishola season 6 happening at CBS?

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