‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: Colin O’Donoghue speculates on Hook, Emma

Colin O'DonoghueFor those of you Hook / Emma fans out there (or Captain Swan, if you prefer the shipper name), this “Once Upon a Time” story may feel like a warm sunshine during a long hiatus. It’s not often that you get a substantial opportunity to really talk about a fall-spring series in the early summer, so we may as well do our best to take advantage.

This time around, the quote that we have to share comes from Hook himself in Colin O’Donoghue, as he explains per TVLine that there could actually be two romantic possibilities for him aboard his ship when the season picks up. We all know about Emma, but you can’t forget about Regina, someone else who lost the one she loved:

 “It’s probably about time he sort of found another love in his life … But if it was a toss-up between [traveling companions] Regina or Emma, I’m not sure exactly who he’d go for … Maybe he’ll have fun with Regina, while he’s waiting for Emma.”

If there is ever a romance here that blooms between characters, it is probably going to take a good bit of time in order to rise to the surface. We’re not sure that “trusting” is a word we would use to describe any of these people, especially in the wake of everything that they have done already.

Who do you think Hook is a little better off with at this point: Regina, or Emma? Be sure to tell us what you think below! If you want to read some more “Once Upon a Time” news, in particular pertaining to the upcoming (and highly ambitious) “Wonderland” spin-off, you do not have to look any further than the link here.

Photo: ABC

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