Knuckles season 2: Show EP talks story possibilities

Knuckles season 1
Photo: Paramount+

Is there a chance that we end up seeing a Knuckles season 2 at some point down the road? There is an easy case for it. After all, the character is enormously popular, and it feels right now that the greater Sonic the Hedgehog universe is in the best spot that it’s been since the 1990’s. Thank the successful movies for that above all else, plus some recent games that have elevated the material to a spot we have not seen in a while.

Of course, none of this means that we’re going to be seeing another season — or, at least one with Idris Elba’s character front and center. The story could easily shift in some other directions!

With that in mind, let’s turn over to executive producer / co-creator Toby Ascher. Speaking to TVLine, he explained that everyone is, at least for now, keeping their options open:

“There are other ideas in television that we’re interested in, and of course there are also a lot of movie ideas … Knowing that we have this world and these characters that fans care about so much, we’re focusing on finding the best stories and figuring out how to tell them within that world. Then we follow that towards what the best format for them would be [either as a TV show or a movie].”

If you love the video games, then you know already that there are a lot of characters still in need of more of a spotlight. Amy Rose, for example, is a character who has not turned up as of yet. Meanwhile, the same could be said for Rouge the Bat. Shadow the Hedgehog will be a big part of the third movie, so there is no need to worry about his inclusion.

In general, all of the future TV possibilities will be dependent on how Knuckles performs … and also the upcoming film to go along with it.

Do you want to see a Knuckles season 2 on Paramount+ down the line?

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