‘Supernatural’ season 9 debate: Should Felicia Day return for more?

Felicia Day“Supernatural” has done a great job over the years of doing a number of things, but one that they surely get quite a bit of attention for is there ability to pull from an established group of guest stars to come back for more episodes of the show in the future. Even for people who are dead (take a look at Jim Beaver’s Bobby), they still find a way to re-enter the picture in some shape or form.

So for this new edition of our recurring “Supernatural” debate series, we pose the following question: Will we see more of Felicia Day’s Charlie moving forward? Ever since her first appearance in season 7, the star of “The Guild” and relative queen of all things geek has been extraordinarily popular, and she has came back for multiple appearances this past season.

As with all of our other “Supernatural” debates, we see this for the time being as a tale of two separate arguments.

The case for more Felicia – She’s popular, she’s memorable, and she also brings a change of pace to the show. While her episodes don’t often further the long-term storyline at all, a Charlie episode is far better than a standalone episode on many other subjects. (Need we bring up that found-footage episode again?)

The case for less Felicia – If you are a stickler for serialized TV, and want to just have the entire next season be focused in on one story, we can understand why you would not want her around to divide up the plot. Also, you could make the argument that you don’t know what more there is to tell, and you’d like to see something new.

At the end of the day, we have a hard time thinking that a syndicated show like this is going to be able to tell a full 23-episode story, so you will need breaks for standalone episodes. With that in mind, there are few things better to ask for in a separate hour than a story geared almost all around Day’s character. She’s far too busy to ever be a regular, but we’re game for a couple of appearances a season.

What’s your stance on Charlie’s future on “Supernatural”? Be sure to vote in the poll below, and you can read some more of our “Supernatural” debates geared around Sam and Castiel at the link here.

Photo: The CW


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