‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 10 debate: Should Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith have more kids?

Ellen PompeoAs we teased last week, we’re going to be presenting you every Thursday with a new “Grey’s Anatomy” debate, just as a way to help make this horribly long wait between seasons a little bit more bearable.

So this time around, we present you with an interesting question: So long as everything ends up going okay in the end for Meredith and her new baby, is it possible that she and Derek could have more? We know at first upon hearing this question that your answer is probably going to be “no way,” with there possibly being a swear word wedged between the two. But think about it for a second: How many parents end up having another child even after they plan to stop? Stranger things have happened on this show, especially since this is not being in love with a ghost.

A case for another kid – The biggest reason to go with this story is that it would keep Meredith on her toes, and also in a constant state of paranoia. After the horrible way in which she gave birth in the finale, this is probably going to be an even more traumatic experience for her now. Plus, it would be unexpected, and there do tend to be many more people with large families in real life than there are on TV.

A case for no more kids – There are some easy arguments to be made here. Meredith was lucky to have this one, and the odds of her having another are fairly slim. Plus, you could say that Shonda Rhimes does not want to repeat herself, and two kids should be enough to drive our parents up the wall with various responsibilities.

It’s also possible that in the series finale (whether that is this year or somewhere down the road) we could see more kids without actually having to deal with them in the storyline. Hopefully, we’ll find out a little more information on the subject of the show’s future soon.

What do you think should happen with Ellen Pompeo’s character this coming season? Be sure to share your thoughts in the poll below, and also click here if you want to talk about what lies ahead for Cristina on the coming season.

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