Charlie Sheen’s ‘Anger Management’ to air on Fox throughout June

Anger Management, Charlie SheenFX is making a pretty bold move when it comes to their series “Anger Management”: They know that they have a good many episodes left in that massive order of 90, and they want to find a way to try and boost the ratings however they can.

What does that include this time? Actually moving their series to Fox, and allowing them to even air two brand-new episodes during the month of June. For the network, this is hardly that much of a gamble since the show is merely replacing “The Mindy Project” on the schedule for a few weeks, and probably won’t fare any worse. Heck, it may do even better considering that Sheen does have a following that showed up for him on CBS for many years.

“Anger Management” has plummeted in the ratings since its series premiere last year, with one of the primary reasons being simply that the show has failed to really capture the imagination of its viewers. It’s predictable, and this 90-episode model proves that viewers do like to have a break at times. Over time, you get tired of seeing the same thing every week, given that it is a massive commitment as a viewer to constantly have your schedule clear to watch it live. The show may fare slightly better in DVR viewing, but sitcoms traditionally don’t bring in the same numbers as serialized dramas.

The biggest problem with Sheen’s show? That it just needs a reason to get people excited again. Maybe this will do it; if not, we can’t really see that many more of these 90-episode orders handed out, even if they can be extremely profitable for syndication purposes.

With that being said, George Lopez is trying to be the next Charlie Sheen in following the “Anger Management” model, and you can read more about it here.

Photo: FX

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