‘The Bachelorette’ spoilers: Drew Kenney, Brooks Forester featured in long preview

DrewThere are some things about “The Bachelorette” franchise that we will forever be baffled by, and one of them is seeing the show basically tell you in the previews just about everything that is going to happen in the weeks ahead. Even though some people are trying to legitimately watch the show without being spoiled almost every step of the way, the promo below really makes it next to impossible to keep this from becoming a reality.

Basically, what we can tell from this is rather simple: Unless the show has managed to come up with some magical technology that allows various contestants to be spliced into several different locations, it appears as though both Brooks Forester and Drew Kenney are going to be around for at least a little while longer, given that they each have some dates coming up in what looks like multiple parts of the world.

As for the drama side of things, there is a little bit of craziness across the board. Someone is going to be outed for having a girlfriend, which we’re sure is going to make for some pretty fantastic TV just from the standpoint of watching some guy have his spot blown up in front of millions of viewers. Also, we have the standard “guy who’s just trying to be the next Bachelor” arc going on, which is something that makes us wish that producers would think of something different in casting future seasons so that they can alleviate this problem somehow. (We know it’s much easier said than done.)

What’s your take on this new “Bachelorette” promo, and are you frustrated at all about the show opting to give so much of its season away? If you want to read about what the first-night “drunk” contestant has to say about his behavior, be sure to hit up the story over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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