Survivor 46 episode 6: Moriah Gaynor voted out before ‘merge’

Survivor 46
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Survivor 46 episode 6 brought us the relatively-traditional “earn the merge” storyline, which still remains somewhat frustrating. Why can’t everyone just vote together?

Anyway, from the moment that the tribes came together, it was starting to become clear that Siga was going to get themselves in some trouble. They were pretty cagey about their plans, and for Yanu, it made more sense to stick with Nami and get rid of someone on the stronger, more united tribe.

Or, was it? Well, Venus got really irritated about the idea that she was being told what to do. Also, she didn’t like the idea of Moriah being the name that is getting thrown around. She preferred to get rid of Charlie, but that created even more problems for her. The guys didn’t like that she was going rogue, and that she didn’t want to take out another woman from the game.

What complicated things here further is that there were only six people who were going to be in trouble: Liz, Soda, Venus, Charlie, Moriah, and Maria. Blindsiding Charlie was 100% the more interesting move and in the end, Venus was right: It was better for her game. Her problem is that she doesn’t have the social capital with a lot of the other players to convince them it’s good for them as well. She’s a good strategist but not the best social player, which is seemingly why she’s been on the outs a significant chunk of the season so far.

When we made it to Tribal Council…

It did feel like Venus would probably be the one going, based on the conversations that took place. Then, some things changed at Tribal when Moriah admitted that she was on the bottom on Siga. Was that a good move? We tend to think it was her giving everyone license to not trust her and vote her out.

Of course, this entire perception flipped the moment that Moriah played her shot in the dark, meaning that she was clearly worried that most of the votes were against her. It didn’t work, and the vote was basically a landslide. Clearly, even Venus got on board with the plan at some point.

What do you think about transpired on Survivor 46 episode 6?

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