NBC’s ‘The Voice’: Adam Levine ridiculously ripped after Judith Hill, Sarah Simmons exit

Adam LevineIn today’s case of “people freaking out for no good reason at all,” we bring you the latest that has unfolded when it comes to “The Voice” coach Adam Levine, and some comments that have redefined “getting taken out of context” over the past several hours.

Let’s start with what are actually the facts here. At the end of the results show that took place on Tuesday night, Adam was clearly shocked that both Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons, who were once favorites to win the whole competition, were both sent home on the same night. Then, he proceeded to say “I hate this country” in that ridiculously over-the-top way that he does when something does not go his way.

So for those of you who are thinking that Adam is some sort of terrible anti-American, tattooed, pop-rock loving spy from within, take a few deep breaths. We promise, it’s really not that bad. Adam posted a series of definitions to various words (such as “joke,” “humorless,” “lighthearted,” and “misunderstood”) on Twitter in an effort to make it crystal-clear that he was clearly not trying to be a jerk or disrespect America. It was just a comment made out of frustration, and one that he says in various forms all the time.

The question that most fans of “The Voice” should be asking themselves right now is if they really hate the voting patterns is: Should more then one country singer be allowed on the show?  Blake Shelton is pretty much the only coach that you want to be with if you’re hoping to win on this show. If you make it to the live rounds, you can all but guarantee that you will make it that far if you are with Blake. If you’re not a country singer, this show doesn’t seem to be any good for you any more since Blake’s fan base is so dominant.

Are you willing to give Adam a pass over his comments, and do you wish that most people in the world would actually stop freaking out over the tiniest things imaginable? If you want to read our full review of Tuesday night’s episode, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: NBC

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