‘Hart of Dixie’ season 3 debate: The time jump question

Hart of DixieWhen should “Hart of Dixie” season 3 pick itself back up when it returns to the CW? Almost every show out there’s favorite narrative technique between seasons is the time jump, since it does allow for opportunities to really get the characters in a new place and offers up a “clean slate” sort of feeling. In the finale, this was in part set up perfectly by Zoe heading to New York for the summer.

However, there something interesting about the idea of starting off the new season in Bluebell and focusing on what happens while Zoe is away. Even though Rachel Bilson is the main star of the show, there would be a certain value in seeing how Bluebell now functions without her. The likes of George, Wade, and Lavon have grown accustomed to having her around, as has the community. Plus, it could also serve as some sort of prelude to what happens when Zoe does return.

Of course, an argument against this idea, and one supporting a time jump, is that if done correctly, you can explain just in the characters’ behavior how much has changed for them while Zoe was away. Take, for instance, if (subdue your gasps) Wade or George has a new girl on their arm. A time jump also probably makes storytelling easier from a production standpoint, since you don’t have to bounce between what’s happening in Bluebell and what Zoe is up to somewhere else.

We think there are some interesting stories that could come out of either idea, but the top priority should really be getting “Hart of Dixie” back to the sort of fun that we all watch it for. That lighthearted feeling, regardless of who Zoe is with, is what makes this show stand out.

Since this is a debate piece, we want to hear your thoughts on this story below! Just for kicks, The CW also released the promo below to advertise some of their repeat airings this summer. The show will be back on the air with new episodes beginning in likely October, where it will be on Monday nights.

If you want to hear what Scott Porter has to say on where he’d like to see George when “Hart of Dixie” returns, all you have to do is click here.

Photo: The CW


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