‘The Bachelorette’ rankings: Zak Waddell, Drew Kenney early Desiree Hartsock stars

DesireeReady for some “Bachelorette” rankings? We hope so, since we’re back! Just as we have for the past few seasons, every weekend we will be taking you through some of the people that we believe to be major players to win our leading lady Desiree Hartsock over with an engagement ring at the end. It’s impossible to really rank based on any one concrete sort of criteria, but we look at it this way: Chemistry is huge, but so is screen time. The winner is not going to be someone who is absent for most of the season. While there are exceptions (Courtney Robertson), edit is also big.

For those of you lucky enough to avoid spoilers all season long, don’t worry: We don’t have any for you here. This is all based on what we’re seeing on TV, and we’re only ranking the top five for now since there’s no way we can keep track of everyone at the moment.

5. Juan Pablo Galavis – We don’t know if there was any sort of formal connection there between Desiree and Juan Pablo, but she made a point of saying it more than once just how high on the hotness scale she ranked this guy. We imagine that this has to be worth something, and that includes being worthy of keeping around for a little while longer.

4. Bryden Vukasin – We don’t know if Bryden and Des can go the distance, mostly because she could see dating someone still acting in the Army as challenging. It’s difficult, but this could be yet another obstacle in his way. There is some sort of connection there, but we could benefit from seeing a little more of his humor, to boot.

3. Zak Waddell – It may seem strange to have shirtless Zak so high on the list here, but Desiree has said since the episode aired that she would have actually given him a rose after his pool stunt if she actually knew where to put it. It’s too early to know a lot about emotional chemistry, but when it comes to Zak’s overall body of work, she clearly likes what she sees.

2. Ben Scott – The single dad has a ton going for him, and he did get an early rose. The only concern that we have is that his story almost feels a little too good to be true and a little too perfect, but it may be a few weeks before we really get to the bottom of that. For now, the guy is golden.

1. Drew Kenney – This guy has a ton of airtime in the premiere, and really for no good reason other than that he seemed to really like Desiree. This for the time being is our guy to watch for a number of reasons: Not only is he a favorite to win her heart, but if he makes it far enough, he could even be Bachelor material.

Who is your favorite right now on “The Bachelorette”? We want to haer some of your thoughts with a comment below! Also, be sure to visit the link here if you want to read some more of what Desiree had to say about the premiere.

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