‘Saturday Night Live’: Steven Yeun, Blake Shelton, Mindy Kaling our 2013 dream hosts

Saturday Night Live LogoLast year, we started a tradition around here when it came to talking about “Saturday Night Live”: Posting a list of ten people from the TV community that we’d love to see taking the reigns as host someday. Sadly, we can’t say our dream came true for any of the people that we posted for whatever reason, though one of them in Peter Dinklage at least appeared in a sketch.

One of the problems that TV stars face in hosting the show is that their schedules often don’t line up since they are working on something else; therefore, you have to get them either at the end of the season or at other times when they may have a hiatus here or there. It’s difficult, but for the people listed here, we think it would definitely be worth it.

Blake Shelton – We still don’t know how Adam Levine got on here as a host before his co-star on “The Voice” in Blake. With the ratings going down for this singing competition, this may be his last chance to showcase some drunken antics on the sketch show while his career is still in an upswing.

Lena Dunham – We’re not saying that it would necessarily be good, but it would be a very interesting choice. Since “Girls” is such a quintessential “New York” show right now (even if the setting is Brooklyn), we don’t know why “SNL” has not traveled down this road already.

Emilia Clarke – “Game of Thrones” has already had some cameos on the show, so doesn’t it feel like time that an actual cast member came on board? Emilia would be an interesting choice given that she’s been on Broadway most of the year, and her comedy roots in this way are somewhat untested. However, we do like a good experimental host from time to time, so long as it’s not someone you presume will have a giant ego or no acting experience.

Chris Colfer – We’re not sure many of the “Glee” actors would work on this show, but Chris would probably have the most fun with it and be game to do the most things. We also personally love to see hosts who are interested in being involved in brainstorming and the creative process, and he’s already a screenwriter and novelist.

Heidi Klum – She’s on “America’s Got Talent” (NBC synergy!), loves dressing up in costumes, and has a great sense of humor. We really do not see any reason why this could not work and be pretty hilarious. Even if her sketches didn’t always land, you know she would try very hard. We’d appreciate the effort above all else.

Donald Glover – Why hasn’t this happened already? We wrote Donald in as a great choice last year, and we’ll keep on doing it since the guy can literally do it all in between acting, rapping, writing, and stand-up comedy. He may not be as big as say, booking Ben Affleck, but he seems on paper to be the perfect host for this show.

Steven Yeun – It makes a ton of sense. “The Walking Dead” is the most-popular show on TV, and Yuen has a background in comedy more so than some of the other actors. Plus, he could totally prove that Jon Hamm and Bryan Cranston are not the only actors on AMC who can make people laugh (and both of those men have hosted the show before).

Claire Danes – She hast hosted before, but it was all the way back in 1997! It just makes sense for her to give this another go in the spring, after “Homeland” wraps. She’s one of the biggest stars on TV right now, can do comedy pretty well, and it gives her an opportunity to show that side so that she does not just become defined for heavy drama. Isn’t there also a part of you that wants to see her have revenge on Anne Hathaway over that “Homeland” spoof?

Nathan Fillion – We don’t know why this hasn’t happened already. The “Castle” star has a great sense of humor, is popular, and would have a huge audience who would watch instantaneously. The only thing he does not have, sadly, is a lot of time thanks to some of his commitments on “Castle.”

Mindy Kaling – Our justification for Mindy is largely the same with Lena, but she poses all of the same problems that Nathan does and then some, since she’s also involved in “The Mindy Project” as a writer / executive producer. But she is very smart and creative, and we would be beyond excited if they had her and then included an Amy Poehler cameo.

Who do you want to see hosting “SNL” this coming season? We have a poll below for you to share some of your thoughts! Also, be sure to head over to the link here if you want to read more on the future for some of the “SNL” cast members.

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