‘Body of Proof’ season 3 / series finale review: Is this the end?

Body of ProofFor those of you who love “Body of Proof,” we hope that you found everything that you were hoping for in Tuesday night’s season finale. The episode was first conceived to be a way in which to just wrap up season 3, and the hope here was that another network would pick up the show in the event that ABC did not.

Then, the other shoe dropped. The show drew a huge viewership, but the demo ratings were poor and the network canceled it. Then, despite the best efforts of the studio to land it a new home elsewhere, it just did not happen. The show came to an end tonight in grand fashion with a mystery that will hopefully satisfy enough of you that you won’t be too furious at ABC … though we are pretty sure you still will be regardless. At least there were a few loose ends tied up in here (plus an appearance from “Breaking Bad” alum Jonathan Banks), though it was clear there was still a path for season 4 written in here were producers given the opportunity to make it.

As for what the legacy of “Body of Proof” will be, it’s an interesting question. While as a mystery show it may not be the most distinctive one in the history of the medium, Dana Delaney and the rest of the cast have loyal fans for a reason. You could argue that one of its biggest stumbling blocks was just never really being given too much of a chance, having been shuffled around so much. Even tonight, the finale is airing in a pretty uneventful way on a night that does not even include a “Dancing with the Stars” results show. We will just have to wonder what could have been had the show been hyped up a little more.

Did you feel that the finale was satisfactory, and what would you have liked to see in season 4? If you want to see the full extent of the effort producers put in to saving this show, all you have to do is click here.

Photo: ABC

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