Power Book II: Ghost season 5: Is there any hope left?

Power Book II: Ghost season 3
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Earlier this week, some news came out that surprised a lot of people: Power Book II: Ghost is ending with season 5. It may not be news that anyone wants, but it seems pretty darn solidified at the moment … or is it?

We do know that in the wake of decisions like this, it is fairly common for a lot of people online to fight for some sort of last-minute reprieve. Honestly, we think that some of those efforts could end up getting traction online. However, we’ve yet to see anything that makes us think that Starz will be changing their mind on this.

While a lot of the finer details still seem to be unclear, it does feel as though Power Book II: Ghost season 4 may at least have an ending that works as a series finale, even if there’s a chance it leaves the door open for more. Also, it may be hard to convince Starz to reverse their decision when the primary reason for ending the show happens to be money. They would seemingly rather create other off-shoots or new series than go into a season 5, which would be more expensive for a wide array of reasons. We are going to see less and less long-running shows with their new business model, which is pretty frustrating and unfortunate.

If nothing else, at least we know that season 4 is going to be worth the wait and also one that is airing in parts. The first chunk of the story will be coming your way in June. Meanwhile, the second part of it is coming in September. In a lot of ways, the end of this show feels like the real end of an era, given that we’ve been invested in Tariq’s life for a good decade at this point.

Could he actually die at the end of the show? Anything is possible — if there’s one thing we know about this franchise, it’s that they have zero fear when it comes to sending people off to Power heaven.

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