American Horror Story: Delicate episode 6: New part 2 poster!

American Horror Story - Emma Roberts
Photo: FX

In less than a few short weeks, we are finally going to have a chance to see American Horror Story: Delicate episode 6 on FX. Why not celebrate with a new poster?

If you head over to the official Instagram for Ryan Murphy Productions, you can see a new poster that features Emma Roberts front and center as Anna, one where she is seemingly facing off against some dark forces. (Or, is she? That seems to be Cara .)

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One other thing that is rather cool about this poster is that the red-and-black color scheme feels almost indicative of either the first season of the franchise or even American Horror Story: Apocalypse, which is known as the big crossover season of the show. That could be a nod to the idea that there are crossover elements here in Delicate. While we are not saying that you are going to be seeing any characters from past iterations turn up, all of the potential talk about witchcraft here does harken back on some level to Coven.

The biggest character to watch moving forward here has to be Siobhan, largely because of 1) what she may have done to Anna’s Oscar rival in episode 5 and 2) the notion that you got Kim Kardashian to play this role in the first place. Just on the basis of that alone, aren’t you going to do whatever you can to ensure that this is the craziest part ever? That seems to make the most sense. There may only be four episodes left in this season, but our feeling is that things are going to be incredibly crazy leading up to the big finale.

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What are you the most excited to see moving into American Horror Story: Delicate part 2?

How do you think this particular story is going to go for Anna? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that, remember to come back — there are other updates on the way.

This article was written by Jessica Bunbun.

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