Survivor 46 episode 3: Randen Montalvo medically evacuated

Survivor 46
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Survivor 46 episode 3 was largely about Bhanu — there was no way to escape it. Is that actually a good thing?

there may not be a more polarizing player that we’ve seen the past few seasons, largely because he is hardly a player at all. He may have set a record for crying within the first week of the game, he has some serious trust issues, and he is also on the absolutely terrible Yanu tribe.

Just within the first few minutes of the episode tonight, we saw Bhanu approach Kenzie to work together without a plan. Then, Q compared him to the Specialist Phillip Sheppard and he didn’t seem to care! Yanu then lost another immunity challenge and after throwing his entire tribe under the bus during the journey, Bhanu then had a chance to earn an advantage in the game. Because he is somehow cursed in all things Survivor, he lost and the grand tragedy that is his game as of late continued. He no longer had a vote, and because of that, he also lost his shot in the dark.

Let’s get back now to the actual Yanu camp, since there was oddly a glimmer of hope for Bhanu courtesy of Q, who failed at the end of the challenge and by virtue of that, was ready to fall hard on the sword and take himself out. Was this a chance for the game to change? Shockingly yes, and mostly due to the fact that Q eventually got himself back together and thought that taking out Kenzie, an actual threat, was a smarter game move. (For the record, he called Bhanu a liability to his face and one again, Bhanu did not care.)

Let’s head off to Tribal…

Well, actually there was no Tribal. Totally out of nowhere, we learned that Randen’s arm injury (which we learned about earlier in the episode) was a lot more serious. With that, he has been medically evacuated in the game due to what could be a desk pressing on the nerve is his neck.

Of course, Randen was heartbroken given that he’s a guy who wanted to be out there. It is a hard pill for him to swallow, and it’s hard for Venus — this was her best ally!

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