Constellation season 1 episode 7 spoilers: Last before finale

Constellation season 1
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Could Constellation season 1 episode 7 next week prove to be the most emotional one we’ve seen so far? Just saying that may set the bar high.

What also adds to it is the title for this episode: “Through the Looking Glass.” Because of the reverence that is out there for anything Lewis Carroll related, you have to expect a certain amount of thematic similarity here. You can certainly draw some parallels between Jo and at least one iteration of Alice, at least in that both of them have found themselves in places that make them question reality. They also feel a sense of loneliness on their cause. Sure, they may be different eras and have key differences in age, but that’s why we wouldn’t take the title as some sort of literal reference to what ahead.

Instead, what we would say is that there is quite a quest for Jo as we move forward. To get a much better sense of it now, be sure to read the full Constellation season 1 episode 7 synopsis below in its entirety:

“Lost and alone in the woods, Jo desperately tries to reunite with her daughter.”

This could be an episode that feels otherworldly in a way, as Jo tries to deal with isolation, difficult temperatures, and also a sense of hopelessness. For Noomi Rapace, this could be a chance to deliver one of her most incredible performances yet.

One more important thing to remember

As alluded to in the title, this is the last before the finale! By virtue of that alone, it does feel fair to say that we will be seeing tension escalate and also a real lack of closure to anything that happens. Odds are, the writers will save more of that for the finale, and who is to say that the picture will become crystal-clear even then?

What do you most want to see moving into Constellation season 1 episode 7 when it airs on Apple TV+?

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