‘Britain’s Got Talent’ rankings: Jack Carroll, Alice Fredenham, and Gabz face off

Britain's Got TalentWhile Monday night’s first “Britain’s Got Talent” live show was exciting, it did also leave us with one obvious fear: Is it possible that we could be seeing more and more singers being put through to the next round? We feel somewhat hopeful that following Tuesday’s show, things will change somewhat, since the producers seem to be loading up on the vocalists some nights in order to ensure that there is a little bit of variety in the finale.

In looking over the group that will be performing Tuesday, we have to make it pretty clear here that our personal favorite is not a singer at all and is instead, it’s a very funny kid with glasses and a lot of a heart. Then again, the real thing to remember here is that much of your success on this show is going to depend on placement … meaning the people who close the show have a good chance at winning.

9. Meat Diva – They are mostly around just to remind everyone of how good the actual acts with talent are.These two could be good in an office party, but we’d probably need a good many drinks first.

8. MD – We didn’t particularly think that this dance crew was all that good the first time we saw them, and they have to compare to Youth Creation (who we didn’t care for, but most other people did).

7. DJ McNasty – Very good for what he does, but can a drummer / DJ really win? Also, we didn’t really see him enough in the auditions to genuinely know what the guy is really capable of. (Full disclosure: His brother Labrinth is on Simon Cowell’s record label, but he hasn’t received any special treatment.)

6. Jack and Cormac – Very sweet young men, and they could be really good in three or four years. For now, it’s just a little too suited for a school talent show than a competition where the winner performs in front of the Queen.

5. Modupe Obasola – It’s really all going to depend on placement for Modupe. She was pretty good when she first heard her, but for whatever reason, we sit here and can barely remember when she actually performed on the show.

4. Gabz – We were probably too high on her original audition, mostly because her song was so catchy. This, like Jack and Cormac, is another case of someone who could go away for two years and really keep working hard, and could be a serious threat on a show like “The X Factor” at that point.

3. Alice Fredenham – We feel bad for Alice in a way. While auditioning for two shows in one year is never a great move, the edit that this show saddled her with after her performance on “The Voice” UK made it look like she was trying to get sympathy by acting like she had stage fright. We think that was always there, and this show just played it up while the other ignored it. We don’t know how much it could hurt her here, and our real reason for skepticism is simply that the judges may be harder on singers now.

2. Martin and Marielle – Traditionally, we saw that ballroom dancers have no chance at all to win on this show and while their odds are still slim, we’ve never seen someone combine dance with acrobatics in the same way that these two can. It’s sensational, dangerous, and done without any props. You have to love it.

1. Jack Carroll – We don’t just say this because he looks exactly like we do in child form, but he’s genuinely funny. He’s probably one of the strongest comedians on the show, and unlike most children who compete, his age is totally irrelevant. There is a place for him in the final, and if his set is anywhere on the level it was the first time, we’re confident he will overtake the singers and make it there.

Who’s your favorite going into Tuesday’s show? Be sure to vote in our poll below! Also, you can check out the results to Monday’s show by visiting the link here.

Photo: ITV



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