Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions: Did Ike Barinholtz lose?

Jeopardy! season 40
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As we watched the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions tonight, we had our eyes pretty focused on Ike Barinholtz. How could we not? He was one of the best feel-good stories that the quiz show has had, mostly in proving a lot of people wrong about whether or not celebrities could cut it on the regular show.

Just a mere matter of days ago, the Celebrity Jeopardy! champion won his first match-up against champs from the regular show, something that merited an enormous amount of praise online. There are a lot of people out there who bemoan the celebrity version for easier questions, after all, and there is also that false notion that famous people get by on things other than their intellect.

Unfortunately for Ike, tonight’s episode in the tournament did prove to be his undoing. He actually did enter Final Jeopardy! in second place versus Ben Chan and Jared Watson. However, all three of the contestants wrote down the wrong response and Ike wagered the most, leaving him with nothing.

Interestingly, Barinholtz could have won the game tonight had he chosen to wager nothing, but that is a risky move within the game since you would be betting more on someone’s inability to answer correctly than your own ability to help yourself within the game. These little complexities are one of the reasons why the show is so fun at the end of the day, and why it remains prevalent and well-loved so many decades after release.

Will other celebrities eventually follow Ike’s lead?

We would love to see it, as we tend to think that mostly, they will just get respect for trying their best in order to compete. Of course, we certainly have heard about Emma Stone’s desire to just compete in the main show outright, and we do really hope that this happens — though she has to go through the same process as everyone else to get on.

What do you think about Ike Barinholtz losing in the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions, but also his whole run?

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