‘The Bachelorette’ premiere review: Desiree Hartsock falls for Ben Scott, Bryden Vukasin

Fans have been crazy excited to see Desiree Hartsock as the “Bachelorette” and tonight we finally got to see just what she had to offer viewers.  She was so genuine and someone you really want to root for, even more so when you learned about her very humble beginnings. So were there any men on tonight’s season premiere that seem like they could be Desiree’s dream man?

There were a few men that really stood out to us as genuine contenders like Brandon (and his motorcycle), Brooks (and his hair) and Ben (how can you not love a man who loves kids), but there there were a few questionable choices by production that left us shaking our heads. Jonathan was completely out of line asking Desiree to join him in the fantasy suite on the first night, Zac W. needs to put his abs away, and after almost ripping Desiree’s dress off her Larry should work on his dance moves.

Nick R. (the magician) and Robert (the sign flipping entrepreneur) also worry us because they seemed like guys that was there to further their careers by being on the show more so then wanting to find love. We are not even going to get into the guy who got screwed over by production by wearing a suit of armor.

At the cocktail party the men were competing hard for her attention, but the first person she really made a nice connection with was Ben and he got the first rose of the night. Zac W. and his abs jumped in the pool and he earned a rose for that as well. Before the rose ceremony a few of the guys ended up getting roses (like in Sean Lowe’s season). The one person that really messed up at the party was Jonathan who would not give up on the “fantasy suite card”, making her so uncomfortable that she actually left the conversation with him before getting “stolen away”. After bringing up the “fantasy suite” multiple times, Desiree sends him packing much to the delight of the other men.

When we finally get to the rose ceremony many roses were handed out, but the men that did not receive one (besides Jonathan the creeper) were Larry, Nick R., Diogo,  Mike R. and the guy who cut up 15 suits to make his own special suit (we didn’t catch his name as he barely had any screen time).

Was there any one man that stood out to you as the person who could become Desiree’s future husband? Were there enough shots of shirtless men and their rock hard abs for your liking?  Leave us a comment and tell us if you felt the season premiere of “The Bacholerette” was everything you hoped it would be.

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