NCIS: Hawaii season 3 episode 4: What is Elite? Sam’s secret

NCIS: Hawaii season 3
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Following tonight’s NCIS: Hawaii season 3 episode 4, we tend to think you may have a wide array of questions. Take, the Elite program. What in the world is it?

Well, for the time being, what we do know is this: During the episode, it was discovered that this is the truth reason for Sam Hanna sticking around in Hawaii. He’s noted that he is around for a reason; however, he has also declined to specify what said reason is. Along the way, we have seen the character work with Tennant and her program to solve some cases, despite there being a lot of curious questions about his status and how long he is planning to stay put there.

Ultimately, we do find ourselves somewhat divided when it comes to what’s going on with this Sam storyline. Why? It is fair to question why everyone is so desperate to uncover the truth at this point. We understand the need for natural curiosity here but, simultaneously, isn’t it fairly clear that Sam can be trusted? This is a guy with plenty of commendations and great work in Los Angeles, let alone all over the world. If he is forced to keep something from the team, it is for a good reason. Unless it is actually a threat to someone’s career (and we are not sure that it is), why is this something that everyone needs to know?

Of course, as the season goes along, we certainly imagine that there is going to be a good bit more tension on this subject, largely due to the fact that it only makes sense for there to be if the Hawaii team is so desperate for answers. In the interim, everyone does still need to get along here, right? We do tend to think that Sam is a massive asset that should be utilized in every capacity possible, at least for the immediate future.

What did you think about the events of NCIS: Hawaii season 3 episode 4 from start to finish?

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