Survivor 46 premiere: David Jelinsky voted off after chaotic start

Survivor 46
Photo: CBS

We had a feeling entering the Survivor 46 premiere that we were going to see a lot of passion for the game, based on the cast. This was a likable bunch! It was also one that had a lot to weigh when it comes to how they wanted to play the game.

Is there something to be said for trying to play it safe on this show? Absolutely! However, you also have to open up and strategize. Jess quickly developed a reputation on the losing Yanu tribe during the first couple of days as someone who wouldn’t open up or show some of her cards. She explained some of this later as her struggling out there.

Yet, at the same time Jelinsky proved himself to be a classic early-season Survivor disaster. First, he openly quit the Sweat challenge — then, he annoyed the rest of the group with what he did when he left on a journey.

Entering Tribal, it really did feel like it was between these two and personally, we would’ve gone after Jelinsky. Sure, Jess may not have done a lot to make herself feel super-trustworthy, but Jelinsky showed himself to be untrustworthy. At Tribal Council, he tried to deflect or backpedal when it came to every single thing that he did. That made us think that he would not be someone who could be worked with moving forward.

So, what actually happened?

Well, we should start here by noting that Jelinsky did not have his vote and obviously, that mattered here a great deal. He just dug himself too big of a hole that he could not climb out of. He was taken out of the game unanimously and because of that, everyone else gets a chance to move forward. Jess just has to step it up, and fast!

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