NBC’s ‘Smash’ season 2 / series finale review: Dropping the curtain

Smash“Smash” has been on quite a journey these past two years. It started off as an ambitious musical that exhausted NBC’s marketing budget, and early on it felt like the next big thing. Thanks to low ratings and little critical buzz, it faded to the point where the series finale aired over Memorial Day Weekend (arguably one of the most terrible TV times of the year) as a two-hour programming block.

Given that producers had a sense of what coming, the show at least did have an ending that will satisfy some people. We saw the Tony Awards, big character moments, and of course music. Plenty of music. The final sing-off between Karen and Ivy seemed appropriate, even if it did come somewhat out of left field given that they were just at each others throats.

Then again, maybe this was part of the problem with this finale over all. While there was some notice of the ratings decline, the ending still felt somewhat rushed. We found out that Ivy and “Bombshell” won some of the big Tonys, but who imagined seeing Julia show up at Michael Swift’s door at the end? Not the kind of ending that we wanted to see there. Also, Karen and Jimmy seemed to have a small victory for themselves, kissing and giving us a dream that they may still together forever. It basically was a microcosm for “Smash” as a whole: Promising, but a little disjointed.

It’s sad that there is no “Smash” season 3, given that the show had moments this year where it really felt like it was going places. It is for this reason that we are hoping that someone gives this genre a chance again in the future, as it still does feel like it’s worth the effort.

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