ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3 debate: A rose for Emily

RevengeYou can look at the title of this article in two separate ways: Either you catch the William Faulkner reference in the title, or you think we’re talking about “The Bachelorette.” Ironically, they each work in a bizarre way when talking about “Revenge” as a whole, especially for the latter, given that this story is all about romance.

Since we’re posting this at a time in which you would typically be watching a new episode, we figured it to be as good a time as ever as to ask the eternal question for this show: Who should Emily Thorne / Amanda Clarke end up with? Right now, there still are three suitors, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s try to break down where we think all three of them will be at the start of next season, and then it will be your turn to chime in!

Jack Porter – Easily, Jack’s in the most vulnerable place. The guy’s literally about to shoot Conrad Grayson in the head, and Emily has tried to deter him in the only way she knows how: By telling him who she really is. The guy’s always been a little out there for not recognizing his own childhood friend, but who knows? He may eventually see this as a second chance to reconnect. With that being said, there’s no way that these two hook up and start a relationship anytime soon. There’s way too much on the table with the mountain of lies at this moment.

Daniel Grayson – We suppose that they are technically still together going into season 3, but given that their relationship was built and maintained on a sham for so long, it’s pretty hard to actually believe in anything related to it. We do want to see them at least attempt a wedding, if for no other reason than that it would create all sorts of chaos.

Aiden Mathis – They had a good thing for for a while, but he’s on the run. We don’t exactly know what will happen to Barry Sloane next season, or if he is coming back for an extended period of time. So with that, this one is a head scratcher.

Someone else – Is is possible that Emily will just meet someone new? Considering the baggage with the other three, it may be the best option.

Who do you think Emily should give her heart to in season 3? Be sure to vote in our poll below! Also, be sure to also check out our “Revenge” – Teen Choice Awards analysis here.

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