Blue Bloods season 15: Donnie Wahlberg still wants more!

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As we get ourselves prepared for tonight’s Blue Bloods season 14 premiere on CBS, why not issue a reminder regarding season 15? It is technically not going to happen at present, as the network already announced that this is the final year.

Does that mean that the cast is happy about it? Hardly. In a new video over at Entertainment Tonight, Donnie Wahlberg made one message loud and clear: He wants to “cancel the cancellation” of the show. He wants more and, beyond that, he knows that most of the cast feels the same way.

So, why end things here? Well, the simplest answer that we can hand over at the moment is rather simple: It is tied to CBS’ desire to move forward, and likely their desire to save money given that this is a pretty expensive show. The cast already took a pay cut in order to come back for this particular season, so that gives you an indication of that further.

At this point, we would say that there’s really only two ways that CBS changes their mind on this: Either the fan outcry is overwhelming or the ratings for season 14 are through the roof and so much better than expected. This is just such a particular era of television where it is more expensive than ever to make episodes and beyond that, there is more competition than ever before.

Even if season 14 does end up being the end, we are not willing to rule out a spin-off! Of course, the challenge with that would just be finding the right character to kick that off. Could you really envision one of the core Reagans stepping away from the rest of the family and going somewhere else? It is a little bit tricky!

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