‘Britain’s Got Talent’ review: Gabz Gardiner, James More, Meat Diva close auditions

Britain's Got TalentTo all of the “Britain’s Got Talent” fans out there, the week of craziness is finally here. The talent competition is set to begin its cycle of daily shows starting today, but before we can get to Monday’s semifinal round, we had to work our way through what was one final round of auditions.

After watching this group, we have to express at least some confidence that we have a decent winner within the group. There are some more singers now going through to the next round, and even something that Simon Cowell traditionally hates in a magic act.

We’ll have a full list of the semifinalists soon, so stay tuned.

The auditions

James More – It’s always nice to see a great magician on this show, mostly because it is so rare, especially for the British version. Plus, you have to love any guy who simulates stabbing himself to impress a wide audience.

Freelusion – We wish the show bothered to actually give us a little more insight into what this was, since it was genuinely pretty cool to look at.

Chasing the Dream – This is something that we’ve never seen before: A musical almost work-shopping one of their songs on a talent competition. The title’s a little hokey since we don’t know what the dream is, but the production values were there.

Meat Diva – These two looked so awful we were hoping that they would be good in anything other than an ironic sense. Instead, they were so bad that a good percentage of the audience loved them as pure camp. Only on this show could something like this actually go through.

Gabz – She is still very raw, and could be a great contestant on “The X Factor” in a couple of years. As she is, she could be a contender to at least contend in the live rounds. A vote here, though, is more of a vote on potential the just talent.

Who was your favorite act during these “Britain’s Got Talent” auditions, and are you excited for these live rounds? If you want to check out some more news related to the show, be sure to hit up the link here.

Photo: ITV

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