‘Orphan Black’ season 1 finale spoilers: First look at ‘Endless Forms Most Beautiful’

Orphan BlackWe’re just about at the end of the first season of BBC America’s “Orphan Black,” and isn’t the title starting to make a good bit more sense now? We think so. What makes this revelation rather sad is that we are now just a week away from the very last episode of the season and there are still so many questions rattling around in our heads that need answers. Also what are we going to do without a little Felix in our lives every week?

So what can you expect from the episode? First of all, the title itself is rather amazing in “Endless Forms Most Beautiful,” which is the sort of gorgeous name that you would expect from a show with so many British connections. As for the finale’s content, you can get a taste below of everything from action to danger to some super-chilling reveals to keep you eagerly awaiting the show’s second season.

We’re going to make a risky comparison here, and compare the run of this series to the early days of original programming at AMC, when that network was putting on some lesser-known series named “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad.” During their first seasons, hardly anyone save for diehard TV enthusiasts knew what these shows were, and although they built up momentum throughout the time in which the episodes aired, it really was not until the subsequent off seasons where they began to catch fire.

“Orphan Black” has the potential to be the same exact thing (and if you’re not currently watching it we strongly suggest that you give it a chance). The series is starting to capture the attention of many, and a Critics’ Choice TV Award nomination doesn’t hurt. Hopefully, new fans will flock to the show over the next ten or so months, that way BBC America can have some more confidence to keep this show around well into the future.

What do you think is going to happen during the finale? Be sure to share your theories below!

Photo: BBC America, video via SpoilerTV

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