‘Saturday Night Live’ re-watch: Alex Cross 2, Jamie Foxx as a Ding-Dong still funny

Saturday Night Live LogoWe’re not into the doldrums of “Saturday Night Live,” which is admittedly a sad place to be. However, we’re going to continue to do re-watch articles for all of the episodes that have only aired once over the past few months. Don’t expect pieces for the shows that have aired twice already, though, since there’s really nothing left to say at that point.

When it comes to the show hosted by Jamie Foxx with musical guest Ne-Yo, quite a bit has changed since this show came out last year. “Alex Cross” as a pop-culture reference is somewhat sketchy, and the show is really lucky at this point that the sketch still holds up as pretty funny after all of this time.

While overall, Foxx’s show holds up pretty well, there are still a few duds. A couple of the sketches, including the opening monologue and the game-show spoof, relied too much on shock humor in order to work the second time around. The same would probably be said for the sketch revolving around Foxx dressed up in a Ding-Dong costume, if the idea of that in itself was not funny on its own,  but it totally is.

One of the other interesting things looking back is that this was one of the few opportunities that Aidy Bryant had to be featured in a “Weekend Update” interview all season long, but unfortunately for her, this character of Mrs. Claus is not someone who can be relied upon time and time again throughout the year unless the character is funny enough to work at other times. (Here’s a hint: It really wasn’t.)

You can watch some clips from the episode back at our original review. Unfortunately, this edition of the show is not available in full online unless you have Hulu Plus. If you want to read some more news on the future of “Saturday Night Live” moving into the fall, all you have to do is click here.

Photo: NBC

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