‘Dexter’ season 8 debate: Who do you want to see return before series finale?

DexterWhenever you get near the end of a series, it’s easy to feel nostalgic and to think back at all of the people who have passed through a show, and people that you’d love to see turn in one final appearance. Unfortunately for “Dexter,” it is a little more difficult to come up with people who are not only relevant to the story, but also still alive. We’d love to see a few guest stars turn back up before the end, but while seeing Doakes was great and all during the finale, it’d be so much nicer at this point to see some people who are actually still alive.

Therefore, we’ve come up with a list of four names that could bring something interesting back to the show, whether it is helping to answer a few questions, tie up some loose ends, or just give us a reason to dance around the room with excitement (which is probably something that you really shouldn’t do while watching a show about a serial killer).

Ramon Prado, season 3 – One of the only major connections to the Miguel Prado situation who is still alive and kicking. A Ramon appearance would just be nice as a callback to some of the earlier days of the show, and a clue in to just how Dexter’s actions have impacted the lives of people within the world of Miami law enforcement.

Anton Briggs, seasons 3-4 – One of Deb’s only exes that is actually still alive, and has a significant place in the show’s history (as well as in Deb’s heart). For a while, it seemed like she was going to be happy with him until Lundy turned up. We know David Ramsay’s busy with “Arrow,” but that show’s off for at least another month or two.

Lumen Pierce, season 5 – This is perhaps the most significant character on the show to not be confirmed to return to the show. While Hannah may have been in love with Dexter, Lumen is really the only person who actually gained something significant from Michael C. Hall’s character being the person that he is. He improved her life and allowed her to take back off into the world in a split-second, but where is she? Could Dexter evolve to a place where he could be with her? We are still totally Team Lumen as the one real true love of Dexter’s life, and while not everyone may agree, we’re holding firm behind that.

Ryan Chambers, season 6 – This one may seem dumb, mostly because it is, but we still don’t really get what in the world was going on with Masuka’s first intern and that business with the Ice Truck Killer’s hand. This story, which led to the arrival of Louis Greene, was probably the worst single storyline in the show’s history. At least give us a few minutes to try to make sense of this whole ordeal. Please.

Who do you want to see turn up again on “Dexter” before the end? Be sure to vote in the poll below! Also, you can read more of what Yvonne Strahovski has to say on Hannah’s return here.

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