Death and Other Details season 1 episode 6: ‘More victims’?

Death and Other Details season 1
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In a little over 24 hours, you are going to have a chance to see Death and Other Details season 1 episode 6 arrive. So what advice can we offer up here? Let’s just say to steel yourselves, as there is a chance for some pretty darn significant drama as we move forward.

There may not be too much that is known about this installment yet (titled “Tragic”), but there is a line from the synopsis that makes us nervous: “more victims fall prey to Viktor Sams.” What in the world does that mean? It is at least worth talking through here a little bit more…

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First and foremost, we don’t think that it is some sort of major leap here to think that we’re about to see some other characters killed off — this is a show that is intended to be pretty darn dangerous at times for the main characters! Also, if you are Sams, you probably don’t love the idea that people are chasing after you. We would be perhaps the most concerned right now for two people: Leila (who has been after them for a long time now) and Sunil (who may know a little too much, provided that he isn’t actually Viktor Sams himself).

Of course, falling victim to Sams does not necessarily mean death. Remember for a moment here that so much of this show is about the idea of wealth — what it means, and how much it is attached to the identity of certain characters. We do not think that it is an altogether crazy thing to suggest that we’re going to be seeing someone go completely broke or find their lives or careers sabotaged. It is already clear, after all, that someone is trying to do that to the Governor…

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What do you think is going to happen moving into Death and Other Details season 1 episode 6?

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