‘True Blood’ season 6 spoilers: The real reason for Rutger Hauer’s visit

True BloodRemember when Rutger Hauer was supposed to be playing a vampire name Macklyn on “True Blood” season 6? Well, it appears that plans / information changed somewhere along the way, and the man doesn’t seem to be much of a Big Bad at all. (It’s either that or the producers are trying to hide his true intentions.)

According to Entertainment Weekly, this character’s actual name is Niall, and he is an extremely old faerie who shows up in order to lend a helping hand to his relatives Sookie and Jason Stackhouse. It certainly sounds like a nice enough task for someone like this character, and it does at least explain why he is dressed almost all of the time like a character from a Charles Dickens novel. Sadly, we still do not know too much besides that for the time being.

There are a flurry of other characters stopping by on the new season, with all of them really encompassing all walks of life. The real Big Bad for the time being seems to be Louisiana Governor Burrell, a man intent on causing as much chaos and pain as he possibly can within his state in order to destroy the vampire population once and for all. We’re also going to be meeting the Governor’s daughter Willa, a young vampire activist named Nicole, and also a new potential love interest for Sookie named Ben, who is an extremely powerful faerie. This continues the long-standing tradition at this point of Sookie not really having any interest in being with people of a non-supernatural nature.

While there’s still not much of Niall shown in the teasers for “True Blood” season 6, a new one here shows off better than ever just what sort of man Governor Burrell really is, and just how ruthless he is going to be in his quest to try and get vampires to fall off the face of the earth. What is it with men with the name “Governor” in front of their name being evil these days?

Photo: HBO

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