‘Jersey Shore’ alum Angelina, ‘Teen Mom 2’s’ Jenelle Evans feud over music video

Angelina PivarnickWith the following story, we really have so many questions. Why is Angelina from the first two seasons of “Jersey Shore” making music videos? Also, why is the star of another MTV show (“Teen Mom 2”) taking the time to talk about them? Then again, maybe the real goal here was for the two parties to find a way to push each other back into the spotlight, and if that’s the case, well done.

We’ll start here with the fact that earlier this week, Angelina released a song called “Serendipity” with Adam Barta, which does have a message to it that a good percentage of America could get behind. Unfortunately, pretty much everything else in the video, such as the singing and dancing, gets in the way of said message. We could provide page after page of reasons why this video should just disappear into a bottomless pit, but let’s provide this instead: This video currently has 36 likes on YouTube, and nearly 449 dislikes. These are numbers that even Rebecca Black had trouble touching when it comes to proportions. She at least got a few more likes ironically!

So who decides out of the blue to start trading barbs with Angelina? It’s none other than “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans, who was recently arrested yet again after missing a court date. The easiest way to describe this is that it started when Jenelle said she didn’t like the song, Angelina got defensive, and then it ended up leading to Evans saying things like this on Twitter:

“Whoaaa there, lol. No need to be mean to me when yr the one making bad music and can’t dance. Just my opinion… Get over it.”

From there, it eventually led to the two ladies getting into an all out verbal brawl with each other, and at one point suggesting that they want to fight. Again… well done ladies.

Is this video really worth starting a Twitter feud about? If you want to watch a recent viral video all about Snooki and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: MTV

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