‘Supernatural’ season 9 debate: Where should Misha Collins’ Castiel go from here?

Misha CollinsBy the time that you read this, odds are that you have managed to digest what is going on when it comes to the end of “Supernatural” season 8. This leaves us with what we think is a pretty fascinating question to explore: Where does the show go from here, especially now that Castiel was tricked and Dean refused to allow Sam to be a sacrifice?

Based off of the finale alone, there are a few different ways in which executive producer Jeremy Carver and the writers could take this, but since this is just the first of what will be many debate articles coming this summer about “Supernatural” season 9, we’re going to start things off by focusing just on the fan favorite played by Misha Collins.

So what should Castiel do now? There aren’t enough details about what happened in his fall back to earth to really know what sort of state he is in. Is he free from all of the other angels, and what is his mission going to be now? The only thing that we can confirm for certain is that Collins is a series regular, and thus should appear in most of the episodes. We’re addressing this story around one simple question: Should Castiel spend his increased time in the spotlight working alongside Sam and Dean, or have his own stories that occasionally cross paths with the brothers? There’s a case to be made for each of them.

The case for keeping Castiel with Sam and Dean – This would be a story that is easy to follow. The gang together always leads to some funny moments since Collins and Jensen Ackles especially have some great energy that they can use to bounce off each other.

The case for separate stories – As we saw this past season, Castiel was pretty interesting when doing his own thing, and it allowed us to see a different spectrum of characters within the universe. Plus, it made his time with the Winchesters all the more impactful.

Our personal wish for the character is to see more human stories, largely because this is where you have the sort of delightful disconnect that occurs. The beauty of the Castiel character at this point is that he’s largely a lost soul, and no matter where he goes it’s almost a search for identity and for understanding.

We want to hear some of your thoughts on this “Supernatural” season 9 issue in the poll below, and if you want to see some ratings news about the show that had us very excited, be sure to hit up the link here.

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