‘Suits’ season 3 spoilers: Meghan Markle talks future of Mike / Rachel relationship

SuitsSo what is coming down the pipeline on “Suits” season 3? The show does not premiere until July 16, but we are starting to at least get a sense of how a few stories are going to begin evolving, especially within the world of Mike and Rachel.

These two currently hold a title of one of the most dysfunctional couples out there. Do they like each other? It seems that way, but liking each other and learning to live with each other are two very different things. There’s also the 2-ton elephant in the room that Mike lied about a big part of who he is for almost the entirety of the show’s run prior to the season 2 finale. Just because she slept with him does not mean that she’s okay with what he did, and that is something that Meghan Markle explains in a recent chat with “Entertainment Tonight” from the USA upfront presentation:

“When the season starts, they’re still figuring it out … I think fans will enjoy seeing, over the course of the season, if Mike and Rachel can really make a relationship work. I mean, Rachel knows his secret now, all the cards are on the table, so it’s about deciding if they want to do this — and if so, how.”

Meanwhile, Patrick J. Adams talks about an episode coming up that will be inspired in part by “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” and awkward definitely appears to be the word of the day here:

“We’re not afraid of racial joking, so we’re going to mine that and show how uncomfortable it makes Mike. We don’t often get to show Mike being this uncomfortable so it’s like a throwback to the earlier episodes where he was always bumbling over himself to make a good impression, which is easy for me to play because it’s my everyday life.”

Do you think that Mike and Rachel are going to figure things out on “Suits” this season, or are you more of a believer that we’re looking at much more of a long-term process here? We want to hear some of your thoughts below! Also, we have some scoop on the much-hyped flashback episode if you head on over to the link here.

Photo: USA

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