NBC’s ‘Community’ season 5: Yvette Nicole Brown on renewal surprise

CommunityLet’s start this article with a heavy slice of honesty. Did you really think that “Community” was going to be renewed for season 5 earlier this month? After NBC decided that they were going to throw almost their entire comedy lineup in the dumpster, we sure didn’t. Now, in an effort to ironically go more commercial, the only two remaining shows in the genre are this one (arguably the most non-commercial thing ever created for a major television network) and “Parks and Recreation” over at NBC.

Well, as it turns out, most of the cast is also just as surprised. As Yvette Nicole Brown explained to TVLine, “everyone in the world” was shocked to see that the show ended up being brought back for more of a run this fall. (To be fair, maybe not everyone on the cast is shocked since Brown hasn’t spoken to everyone yet.)

There are some interesting theoretical questions for where “Community” could choose to go now that Jeff Winger has graduated from Greendale, including whether he really has time for the study group at all. There are also some other questions floating around about the future of show creator Dan Harmon, courtesy of a rumor that surfaced weeks ago about NBC / Sony Pictures TV having some interest in bringing him back. However, the story has been dormant since that time, which may not be a good thing. There is no announced premiere date, but hopefully NBC will tell them before they start making Christmas episodes this time around.

What’s your take on the “Community” renewal, and where do you see the show potentially go for season 5? If you want to read a little bit more on the latest Harmon drama, the best place to do so is over at the link here.

Photo: NBC

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