‘The Bachelorette’ spoilers: Ben Scott’s son tries to impress Desiree Hartsock

BenThere are a number of ways in which you can introduce yourself to the leading lady on “The Bachelorette”: You can be sweet, funny, try to go in for the first kiss, or ride in on a skate board (we’re looking at you Jef). Or, in one contestant’s case you can try to let someone else do the introduction for you.

When it comes to one of the men trying to win Desiree’s heart in Ben Scott, he comes up with the idea to have his young song Brody come out of the limousine to greet Desiree Hartsock, only to have him follow a few seconds later. Brody gives her a flower, and then he lets him go back in the limo where his grandmother is waiting for him. (You can watch the clip at People Magazine.)

We know there are probably going to be people out there who are going to be extremely cynical about this, and say that Ben was somehow exploiting his kid by putting him through this. We don’t really see it that way. He never introduces Desiree to him like she’s going to be a permanent part of his life, and at least this is his way of letting her know right away that he comes with another person he really cares about. We at least prefer this to someone showing up dressed in a mask or carrying a giant egg, since these are more just gimmicks that scream “we’re desperate.”

Nonetheless, this will probably be polarizing, and at some point Ben will have to come and try to defend himself. In the end, we can probably all agree that even if you don’t like the move, there are hundreds of things that we’ve seen done on the show over the years that clearly have more negative intentions at heart.

Want to watch a longer video that is all about Desiree’s journey this season? Be sure to check out the story over at the link here, and get ready for more coverage all weekend long.

Photo: ABC

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